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Hadjer Kemer
Hey.. my name is Hadjer, as you might of guessed from the title!
I’m 16 and soon I’m going to be 17 and I’ll be able to drive… Oh yeah!!! Although I am going to get one of those cool electric smart cars, because they are small, like me!!
I’ve lived in Dagenham pretty much my whole life and at the moment I’m in the 6th form at Robert Clack.
I love being around my mates and I am always smiling and joking around, although sometimes I do take things seriously. SOMETIMES!! I have a new found love for skateboarding ever since I stole my teacher’s one and tried to skateboard around the school. I managed to skate down one of the ramps!!! Woohoo!!! I always take risks whether its new found things that I have never done before or if it is something that could get me injured, but not something that could get me killed. Although I do say live life to the full.
I hate people that give you small talk WHILE given you a fine:
‘’ Oh Hadjer, that’s a lovely name, where is it from?
Well it doesn’t matter because HERE’S A £20 FINE!!!!’’
Well I’m new to the project, and I must say that so far I have enjoyed it, but then again after all the constant ramblings by Deena I didn’t expect any less. I have only been to 2 of the meetings and they have been interesting. I’ve met new people and as strange as half of them are, they are all really nice.
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