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Nicholas Galvin
Hello. My name is Nicholas Galvin. I am currently 16 but will be 17 soon (woo) and I’m in the sixth form at Robert Clack School. I was quite happy about my GCSE results, gaining 6 A’s, 2B’s and 2 full award GNVQ’s (General National Vocational Qualification). In sixth form I am studying History, Politics, Economics and Law. I also have a grade 12 in Latin but please don’t ask me to remember it!

I lead a very interesting life – note sarcasm – with hobbies in football and cricket (and basketball, golf, tennis and other general sports such as extreme ironing). I also have adulation for history with my two favourite area’s being the Ottoman Turks under Suileman II and Eastern Europe in the 15th century (i.e. Vlad the Impaler a.k.a Dracula). I also adore comedy for it is “a simple way of being serious” –Peter Ustinov. The world needs comedy and ebullience otherwise, in my eyes, would be dreadfully monotonous. Finally I love words and idiosyncrasies as you may have guessed…or may not have.

I have been working with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for two years now and I have enjoyed it immensely. My first project (see link) was about natural resistances to Malaria and should we be looking towards those rather than drugs since it evolves and becomes resistant to the drugs we have against it. However it was a very large project and as such did not manage to reach a conclusion. My new project however is about the Great Plague (if a plague can be great?!) of 1665 and I will try to either prove or disprove the conjecture that poorer people were more affected by it than the richer folk…so watch this space.
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