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Jayme Burns
The reason I started with the summer school was because it seemed like a good idea and it was something that I was interested in. We did all kinds of work which included vaccines and dust mites, as well as other important relevant topics with the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine.

I’m now 16 and we are near the end of the fun but it has totally helped me. I understand more now. All of the staff at the LSHTM has been totally grand and I can’t wait to continue my work in the future with them. During the two years, I did work on the history of vaccines and how different methods changed the world of medicine.

However now that we are near the end we are doing work in smaller groups about different topics that are still relevant but more so to us. The work will still be included with the school but it won’t be as often, I want to do work on Global Warming and the effects of the melting polar ice caps next but I need to break it down into small manageable chunks.
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