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Hello my name is Francis Howard. I am doing summer school for science at Robert Clack School. I have to do science summer school because I want to be a microbiologist when I get older. My hobbies include riding my bike and reading. My favourite subjects are science and English. My best friend is Elliott.

In science summer school I have chosen to do vaccination because, I like learning about mosquitoes. I also enjoy learning about the dangers in the world such as malaria, small pox, cow pox and many more.

I am enjoying summer school, because I am with people that want to learn. This week we went in London to the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I believed it was a very interesting and calm environment to be in. We also had a person from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine come in and talk to us about maps. We also had people from laboratories come in and talk to us about vaccination. Then someone come in and started talking to us about asthma, personally I found it very interesting.

Chris Grundy that came in and talked to us about mapping had these things called global positioning systems. With them we done things like making our own maps and recording the position of pollution sources asthma sources and last but not least we done exercise sources.






My project!

Dust Mites

Where did these menaces come from!

Fossil studies show that mites have been on the earth for over 400 million years. The house dust mite evolved from around 23 million years ago to live in environments such as birds nests. Some modern homes have provided the perfect environment for domestic mites to strive. Understanding the mite will help to reverse this phenomenon.

It has been known for some time that alleregens of the house dust mite (European and America) crossreact with allergens of storage mites. Cross reactivity is due to the fact that the mites share some of the same enzymes that cause allergic reaction.

The HDM (House dust mites) grazes on fungi and rotting skin scales and thier digestive system may create up to 20 dung pellets a day. The dropping are wrapped in a special film and contain undigested scraps of food, which are broken down by powerful enzymes to provide nourishment for the mite later. These enzymes are the cause of allergic disease in vulnerable people. Elements from the droppings of the HDM have been found in the fluid surrounding unborn children. Is this the primary cause of asthma/rhinitis?

My Own Opinion On Dust Mites!

I believe that dust mites are nasty little creatures. However, there is no possible way of sweeping the earth of these creatures. There is a way that we can reduce these dust mites. They can be reduced by vacuuming the beds every week,when you change the covers, turning the matresses over every week.However, the other easiest way is to leave your bed unmade. This helps to reduce the humidity in the room, this is because the dust mites love the warmth (humidity).

Never be scared of the dust mites. However, the pellets are what you need to be scared of. Because they are what give you asthma/rhinitis.