my name is Danny

Hello, my name is Danny. I am a very friendly and polite student of Dagenham Park. I decided to engage in the Science Summer School because I like science. The school is extremely interesting because we get to learn about dustmites and asthma. This topic is common to everyday life and highlights the causes of asthma.

On Tuesday 27th July we went to The London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine.

We went on a tour of the school and during this we were told about how mosquitos carry malaria to different countries, and the effect it has on the millions that contract it.

We went on a tour of the lab where they're trying to make a vaccine for malaria.

On Tuesday 3rd August we will be going to stubbers which is an adventure park. Here we will be taking part in many activities such as, rock climbing, obstical courses, kayaking and raft building

On friday 6th August we will be taken to an exclusive viewing of the Natural History Museum. Also my best friends are ELLIOT,FRANCIS.

On the 3 august 2004 we had to vacuum our beds with a special filter to suck up the dustmites.

On the 4 august 2004 we took our dustmite sample back to the summer school to examine them.

We had the results back i had no dustmite or allergens in my bed.

ME,STEVEN,DENNIS,FRANCIS AND SEAN.are making a slide to go on the internet.