My name is Simerdeep Sagoo.

I support Chelsea as many people do. My favorite sport is cricket. I play for Ilford county. Next year I will be in year ten (10). My hobbies are playing on the computer and going cricket. Most of the time I'm on the computer.

I'm a friendly person that likes science and I.T. I'm currently at summer school, doing different projects on malaria and asthma triggers.On the summer school I have met many teachers and professors like Carolyn Stephens, Mary Cameron,Chris Grundy and Kenny Hermansen

Teachers: Mrs V. Amoah, Mr John Sullivan,

At present I am doing my page which is going well, I'll be adding more information about Malaria. This first week at summer school has been exciting. I have learnt a lot from summer school which are;

1)How malaria spreads?

2) How dust mites causes asthma?

3)How vaccine works and helps many people around the world?

I will update my website next week.

This is our second week at summer school. Nick and I have choose a project called :


This is the question we are going to answer. This topic will tell you that if we are survivors and if we have any decencies against Malria, THE BIGGEST KILLER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!