Aim: To find the vaccination for malaria especially falciparaum malaria.

Hypothesis and reason: I predict that scientists will find the vaccination for malaria, but it will take quite a long time. I predict this because of parasites changing their antigen after each stage.

Questions I need to answer.

What is falciparum malaria and why is it so dangerous?
What conditions will you find malaria, especially falciparum malaria?
Who does it affect and why?


What is malaria?

Malaria attacks about 300 to 500 million people each year, mostly in the tropics, and causes 2.7 million deaths annually. Almost half of the world population is at risk from this disease.

What is falciparum malaria?

o Falciparum malaria is responsible for the almost all the two million or more death attributed in malaria each year world wide
o Plasmodium falciparum parasitism with mild or no symptoms.
Falciparum malaria is a multifactor clinical syndrome and as such, is a disease of protean clinical manifestations.

Who does it affect and why?

Malaria affects people from Africa, some survive and are immune to it but some don't. For example, in endemic areas, falciparum malaria is associated with a number of complications involving different organ systems, increased mortality and residual neurological deficit, especially in children under 3. Again, in highly endemic areas of malaria, the clinical picture is variable. At one extreme, previously healthy individuals suffer from an acute attack. These patients usually have a high parasite count. At the other extreme, a group of patients present with a longer history of febrile illness. These patients have general symptoms of ill health, a low-grade fever,


I will ask people that have travelled if they had any medication for malaria before traveling abroad.

Did they get malaria and how did they get treated

What type of malaria did they get infected with for example, falciparum malaria, plasmodium falciparum or malaria falsip. What their symptoms were, anaemia, stomach upset, malaria, headaches, e.t.c.....




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