KaRaNdEeP SaHoTa (me)

Right: abstract picture of self ( Just so I don't get sued for copyright, here is a link to one of paul klees websites because his work is the same as mine)

KaRaNdEeP SaHoTa.

When i was a couple of months old I was entered into the beautiful baby competition....... i lost but it's the taking part that counts.

I enjoy sweets, pie and wreaking havoc on my fellow family members.

I'm scared of heights, toilets and socializing.

I chose to be on the science summer school because I'm interested in science and the subjects seemed quite interesting especially the stories about the faeces of dustmites (poo).

I'm only 14 so my life is pretty boring but i do wanna be a doctor (or a tax evader, because i am a proud and founding member of the future tax evaders club) so my life should get more interesting.

Before the summer holidays I had to choose my GCSE subjects, it made my brain hurt..... a lot! I managed to cut them down to 4: History I.T ,Business Studies and French (also I chose Law and Triple Science) so by the end of the year my brain power will pretty much have depleted.


So I guess that's my life, like it or not I'm here to stay (no assassinations planned as such) and if any try to steal my picture, jokes or any of their ideas...... I get 75% profit and sue you for the other 25% so don't sell them for less than £1,000,000!!!

I have made a website about malaria's history so why not take a look?