HaRdEeP's WeBsItE!



My name is Hardeep, I'm 14 years old and I go to Eastbury Comprehenisve School. I enjoy going out with my friends and listening to music. I also enjoy shoppin and meeting new people.

I have one older sister and one younger brother...

The picture above is me on the left and my sister on the right!

I was chosen for this project by my science teacher. The project consists of two weeks summer school and then after school clubs followed by year 10 work experience. So far there are a total of approx. thirty children attending thep project. Carolin e Stephens, Eric Stern, Vera Amoah are a few of the adults involved. Eastbury Comprehensive, Robert Clack and Dagenham Priary are the three schools doing this project.

In the first week of this project we played games at first, teambuilding, all to get to know eachother. The next day we went to the London School Of Tropical Medicine and Hygeine. On that trip we looked at moschito's which was quite fun. We also went in the labs and talked about vaccinations. I had reat fun that day and learnt quite alot. Then on Wenesday, Mary Cameron come in and talked all about dustmites, asthma and its' causes. After lunch Spencer Polley, Kevin Tetteh and Gareth Weedall came in that day we looked at vaccines in the world. On Thursday we were with Cris Grundy, and he talked about wot he does at the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygeine. He uses geography to see how it affects us and our health. e.g. Does the car pollution in Barking and Dagenham affect how tha rate of asthma? Then on Friday, Kenny Hermansen came into the school and told us how to build our own websites.

In the second week, we started off by choosing our projects. Shaleen (my freind) and I chose TB. All day we worked on our projects mostly. Then Tuesday we were off to the Stubbers Advnture Centre. That was very wet, tiring but I HAD A GREAT TIME! We did four activities: Kayaking, Rock climbing, Challenge course and Raft building. We went kayaking in a small lake, played games and got very wet! Rock climbing was fun because I got very high. The challenge course was good beacuse of the teamwork and lastly we did raft building.In that activity you had to build a strong boat to fit 9 people on out of six barrels, rope and logs. In the start, we were being laughed at then as we went into the water the tables turned, because in the end our boat didn't sink when the other teams' had, and also we made it back to shore without anyone falling off the boat! Then to top the rest of the day off we went to "jump off the jetty"! I had a fantastic day and really enjoyed myself. On wednesday we were working on our websites and projects. Then on Thursday we worked again on our websites and projects. And on Friday, the last day we went to the Natural History and Science Museum. That was real cool aswell.

The picture above is me on the left, and Shaleen on the right.





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