Age: 14 ... Location: Dagenham...

I go to Eastbury School and I was asked to start a 2 week project by my science teacher with the Wellcome Trust. Throughout the course we went on trips to 'The London School of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine', Natural History Museum and Stubbers Adventure Park in the second week.

We are based at Robert Clack and 3 schools were involved in the project. One teacher representing each school came along to help the pupils. Carolyn Stephens also agreed to teach us throughout the project. Other professors and employees also came along to teach us some days. The first day we focused on team building ad getting to know each other. Carolyn set out groups for the first week and set us a project to work on. On Thursday we presented our presentations to the rest of the group and we were able to choose the project we wanted to work on for the second week.

All the trips were fantastic and well planned. 'The London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine' was good because we explored the science, different types of mosquitos and about Malaria.

Science is one of my favourite subjects, but even if you do not think of Science as really good, it is a lot of fun. I have been working with my friends and with students from other schools, and I enjoyed working with both. I am glad that I have joined and completed the project and I recommend the experience.Also special thanks to Erik Stein, Carolyn Stephens. After the 2 weeks you can continue the project for up to a year and also do work experience with the LSHTM (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

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Thanks also to:

Dr David Conway (LSHTM)

Dr Gareth Weedall (LSHTM)

Dr Kevin Teetteh (LSHTM)