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About Me...

My name is Aaron Wheeler and I go to Eastbury Comprehensive School. I got a Level 7 in my SAT's for Science and I enjoy doing experiments.

My hobbies include Golf, Snooker, Football, Playing Computer and Drawing random crazy cartoon characters.

I'm not very interesting so I only made this section short.





I am going to be telling you about my experience at a Science Summer School linked to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

During my time at this Summer School (taking place at Robert Clack), I've got to know many new people and we've began choosing which project we would like to do.

We've been doing lots of work on Asthma and its causes, and work on vaccinations and Malaria. I decided to do my project on 'Will Global Warming affect the spread of Malaria worldwide?' with my mate Philip Keech who also goes to Eastbury. I found that Malaria was very intersting as it kills so many people every year, and I am curious as to whether or not a vaccine will ever be found.


So far at this Summer School, I have enjoyed looking at the causes of asthma, such as dustmites (dermatophagoides) and pollution. We learned about this from Mary Cameron. We also heard plenty about how smallpox and other diseases have been cured, and all the different types of vaccines from Spencer Polley, Kevin Tetteh and Gareth Weedall. We've studied mapping techniques for many things such as vaccines and asthma with Chris Grundy, and we created this webpage on dreamweaver with help from Kenny Hermansen. And throughout the 2 weeks, I enjoyed everything I've done with Carolyn Stephens and Erik Stein.

To find out more about these topics and all the professors and scientists, visit www.lshtm.ac.uk

Another thing I've enjoyed during the two weeks are the trips.

On Tuesday 27th July, we visited the London School where we looked at many of the things that take place, and what jobs people have to do and how it is done. So many different things occur at the school such as observing mosquitoes and dustmites, mapping information, sorting archives and information, and searching and testing vaccines for multiple diseases.

On Tuesday 3rd August, we went to 'Stubbers' where we all took part in both fun and challenging activities. Firstly, we did an assault course and we all had to work as a team and communicate to complete each task. After this, we went kayaking which was great. Many people fell in the lake and others just got themselves wet in other ways. The third thing we did was rock climbing. This was a good event but of all of them, was my least favourite, even though i enjoyed it.Finally, we took part in raft building. This was by far my favourite and everybody had a laugh when doing it. Our team came last because our raft began falling apart and our paddles and our team began falling off. Nobody on our raft got back to land dry. Everybody was soaking wet and muddy but it was fun.

On Friday 6 August we went to the Natural History and Science Museum and we learned plenty and like the other trips, really enjoyed it.

All of our other time, we spent at Robert Clack school, where we learned all about vaccines and dustmites and asthma, and began our projects.







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