The whole webpage is based on a course I went on in the summer of 2004, it was called 'Engaging Science Summer School' with the Wellcome Trust Project. Throughout the course we went on trips to 'The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine(LSHTM)', 'The Natural History Museum' and 'Stubbers Adventure Park'. Based at Robert Clack we also spend days in the science lab and in the City Learning Centre. The 30 pupils chose on this trip, accompanied by 3 teachers(Miss Amoah, Mr Stein and Mr. Sullivan)and a professor form the LSHTM(Carolyn Stephens). We also got lectures from other people from the LSHTM including Gareth Weedall, Dr Mary Cameron and Dr Kevin Tetteh.

Science is one of my favourite subjects although people stereotype it as boring, it can also be a lot of fun. For example everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the LSHTM.We went into the lab and looked at a DNA experiment, we also looked at mosquitos, which most of us said was our favourite part of the trip.


Throughout the 2 weeks we will be split into 6 different groups to all study a different subject. These included asthma, vaccines, malaria, mapping out vaccinaions and health. After being split into groups we had to produce a presentation on what subject we had chosen. On the rest of this website I will tell you about the subject I chose (Vaccinations and Pox). I will be investigating into the different types of pox and vaccination and general information on them.

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