Malaria VS West Nile Fever.


Did you know…?

Malaria is a parasite
Malaria kills over 80% of the people who have the parasite
Malaria is spread through mosquito bites

West Nile Fever

Did you know…?

West Nile Fever is most fatal to those over 50
There is no specific therapy available
It affects horses, birds and humans



Aims and objectives

We aim to compare the similarities and differences between Malaria and West Nile Fever.

We hope to look at:


Our Hypothesis

We think that there will be fewer similarities than differences because even though Malaria and West Nile Fever seem the same, there are many major differences between the two.

Our methods

1. Use the Internet to research Malaria and West Nile Fever.
2. Speak to scientists.
3. To combine all of our information.

Who we are:

Adeena Watts

Chelsey Wakefield

Lucy Parker

Dawn Painter