Adeena Watts

My name is Adeena and I go to Robert Clack school. My friend, Chelsey Wakefield helped me to design my page so if there is anything wrong with this, blame her! She also drew this picture of me. In my spare time, I like to join in sports activities, especially running and shot put. I also like spending time with my friends and family, and going out shopping, particularly for clothes and shoes.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I am doing a project on malaria VS West Nile Fever.

This summer, we have been working with people from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on cases like asthma and its triggers, and malaria cases around the world. We have been working with top experts that include, Carolyn Stephens, Chris Grundy, Mary Cameron and many more. Also, top Dreamweaver expert, Kenny Hermansen was a big help in producing this web page. We were taken to the school in London and were delighted by what we were shown. Some of these delights included the labs and the library which included many resources that were extremely interesting. There were also the not-so-delighful sights which included Red-kneed tarantula, Gecko and scorpions!


Many thanks to Carolyn Stephens,Chris Grundy, Erik Stein, Mary Cameron,Vera Amoah , John Sullivan, Kenny Hermansen, Gareth Weedall, David Conway and Laura Filipe.