Access to Vaccines in LEDCs

Outline to project

Problem - Why can't people in LEDCs (less economically developed country) get as easy access to vaccines as people in MEDCs (more economicaly developed country) ?

Areas to cover - Economy, Population issues, Government issues, availability, Public opinion

Advantages and disadvantages - If LEDCs had the vaccines would it be a good or bad thing?

There would be good reasons e.g. less death

There would be bad reasons e.g. may be expensive

Methods -

(1) Look at what others have done

(2) Create own questionnaire

Hypothesis - My hypothesis is that the LEDCs are not getting as easy access to vaccines for a few reasons:

(1) Government issues - Maybe they don't agree

(2) Economy - Perhaps the country does not have enough money

(3) Availability - It is impossible to access the vaccine in their country

(4) Population issues - There are too many people in the country and not enough vaccinations

(5) Public opinion - Do the public agree with it.

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