Hi I'm Billy. This is my web page.

Wanted!!! Dead or Returned to Parents!!!

Picture supplied by Denis Lobanov RSA (Russian Secret Agent)


As you can tell I am and like being cheeky and (I think) "funny"

Fact file:

Name: Billy Carr

D.O.B: 05/03/90

P.O.B: Rush Green

Height: 5'5

Weight: Undisclosed

School: Robert Clack

Favourite sports team: Dagenham and Redbridge F.C (No comments please)

Friends: Too few to mention (I thought they liked me)

Likes: Competing, any sport and anyone who likes me.

Dislikes: Swimming training, long lectures and anyone who does not like me.

Do you care? Thought not. Gonna carry on anyway might get a bit more eventful.

I decided to take part in the 2 week course because i thought it would be fun (thought being the objective word). I also joined because I am kinda bright and wouldn't mind a job in science. My future at school is now planned to an extent I have chosen my options for GCSEs but they will remain untold as you will probably laugh.The plan is then to do A levels and a degree at uni.

If this fails however it won't be to bad as I am a fully fledged member of the future tax evaders.

As you can tell I'm running low on ideas as my life is ahead of me not behind me like some at L.S.H.T.M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My project